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Welcome to Mobsly!

Mobsly is a new RPG game, where you have to fight, to become the most powerful of the mobs.
You can perform illegal actions like crimes, car theft, blackmailing or you can play gambling games like blackjack, wheel of fortune and many more.

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We have made a LOT of improvements to Mobsly in the past few weeks, thanks to Kosmik! Here is a brief list of the recent changes:

1) We just added two new Weapons, a Light Machine Gun and a Mounted Machine Gun
2) "Wanted [...]

2 Octomber 2013 - 20:25:30

Everything went smoothly with the server upgrade last night. Thank you all for your patience for the hour or so we were offline :)

Special thanks to our new Admin Kosmik for making it a smooth transition with his excellen [...]

13 September 2013 - 15:28:27


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